The Diva Collective employs the best cleaning artists who will elevate your space to the next level.




Our team provides home cleaning weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service.

Company's coming, a spring clear out is needed or you want to gift a home cleaning to someone. We have you covered.

We offer the feminine touch of clean to afford you the joy and comfort of your home for the individual or family of any shape or size. 


Our commitment for a clean, healthy environment extends to your office, building rental, or hospitality suites.

Allow our team of professional and reliable staff create a balanced, energy-charged, clean space for you and your team to  thrive in.




Looking to take your clean home, work space, vacation home or office to the next level? Our Luxury Level standards does that and more.

See our additional services list for more details.

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Spring Cleaning Special


Spring time is the best time to purge, clear out and refresh the space you honor. Tackle it in a marathon cleaning or a cleaning series; services based on an hourly rate of $30. Discuss your home project with us today 647.444.3581. 


High-end living


Our team can take on the extras you need so you can get the most out of your life. From laundry, cleaning supplies package, dry cleaning, errands and more. Call us to discuss your individual needs and we will put a package together that suites your lifestyle.